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Discover the convenience of selling on AuctionDeals, where online auctioning runs effortlessly and safely. Our digital platform is accessible for business and private sellers.

How does it work?

What do you wish to sell?

Depending on the product you want to auction, we provide advice on the estimated yield, the target group that you want to reach, and the optimum starting bid. In this way we strive for the highest possible return for your auction together!


Our team takes care of the inventory of the items to be auctioned. We guarantee detailed photography and provide every article with clear descriptions. We also initiate marketing campaigns to successfully achieve the right target group.

Customer Service

During the auction you can watch completely transparent online while we sell your goods for the best price. We are available to answer all questions from potential bidders and ensure that the moment of viewing runs smoothly.


We ensure a smooth settlement with the highest bidders and take care of all administrative and financial aspects. Do not worry; You will receive your proceeds within 14 days after the auction closes. This way you can quickly generate financial resources for possible new investments.